Carlee ‘n Molly

Artsy upcycled cuffs found at (quirky one-of-a-kind bags and headbands, too)


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  1. I was looking at your blog and saw your adorable dog. Was wondering if she is a coton de tulear? She looks very much like mine. Also I love your work. I bought a bracelet at Xmas and I love it. I love your purses with the girls painted on. And when you lift the flap a “new” face appears with the zipper mouth. Too cute!

    • Molly is a Shihtzu-Bichon. My sister has a coton de tulear so I know what you mean…they are a little smaller than my Molly. I’m glad to hear you like your bracelet…still working on the painted girl idea–thank you for your kind words :)

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