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Always be Fancy
February 11, 2023

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Bird for Today
January 22, 2023

Hug a tree. Oil on salvaged wood, found objects.
12” x 8-1/2”

January 21, 2023

New Work
August 8, 2022

“Cover me in sunshine” -Pink.
Available for purchase here.

Folk Art Birds
July 24, 2022

Bob Dylan lyrics—“the answer is blowin in the wind”
Inspire someone today
Dr Seuss – “oh the thinks you can think”
Inspire someone today
J.R.R. Tolkien – “ I am at home among the trees”
Always wear your invisible crown
Inspire someone today
Carpe diem

Bob Marley 3D Portrait on Wood
January 29, 2022

Bob Marley 3D portrait #2



“if only we’re brave enough to be it”-Amanda Gorman
January 29, 2022

Amanda Gorman 22 year old Youth Poet Laureate. Available in my shop

3-D portrait. 12” x 23” oil stick on salvaged barnwood w/bottlecap eyes

Moira and David Rose
January 16, 2022

“That sounds dangersome”. “I might have overreacted”.

Available at

“All I want for Christmas is you…”
November 30, 2021

3D oil portrait on salvaged barnwood with bottle cap eyes. 20-1/2” x 12”

Mr. Rogers
November 9, 2021

The king of kindness. Mixed media folkart.

12” x 26” oil paint stick on salvaged barnwood. To see more photos and to purchase click here.

Rocket Man
November 9, 2021

Elton John

25-1/2” x 11-1/2” oil on salvaged barnwood mixed media 3-D portrait with found objects. Click here to purchase and to see more images

August 26, 2021

Mixed media upcycled 3-d portrait.
“Let your ideas bloom.”

Art girl.

Oil stick on salvaged barnwood with bottle cap eyes. 8” x 16”


Shake it off…
August 18, 2021

3d portrait Taylor Swift

3-D oil portrait on salvaged barnwood with bottle cap eyes. 18-1/2” x 11”

Shake it off- Taylor Swift

August 1, 2021

Minnie Pearl.


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New Work
July 20, 2021

Working on new things! I’ll be at Porter Flea in Nashville TN August 7.

(3D oil portraits are all on recycled wood with bottle cap eyes.)

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“You belong among the wildflowers” -Tom Petty
“She thinks my tractor’s sexy” – Kenny Chesney
“Rock me mama like a wagon wheel” -Darius Rucker

New Display
June 23, 2021

Working on a display idea that doesn’t take up much room and is easily torn down for transport.

New display for small booth
BoardTalkers on display.

4-sided, hinged for easy take-down. Top shelf has holders for more BoardTalkers and a hole in the middle for a big umbrella.

Market Days at The Gables
June 12, 2021

Cousin Joanne and friend with The Beatles
at Market Days at The Gables
A couple characters

There’s no place like home…
May 23, 2021

Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

3D portrait | Found objects on salvaged barnwood | oil paint sticks
28” x 9”.

My quirky 3-D portraits are crafted using salvaged barn wood, recycled materials, and oil paint sticks. With expressive eyes and a quote or lyric imprinted in their mouths (using a leather stamping tool) each one has a message to deliver.

A few of my 3-D Portraits…
March 13, 2021

Available at

Be Bold or Italic…
January 12, 2021

never regular. This.



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